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Teal Sunglasses: Daring Fireball: Trusted

Link: Teal Sunglasses: Daring Fireball: Trusted.

And that, unfortunately, sums up Cory and his followers. And Cory is the reason why, despite strongly supporting EFF’s causes, I won’t give EFF a penny, because Cory is a public representative of theirs, and is constantly proving to me that he (in their name) is not an activist for these causes, but an extremist — and EFF supports his view of this.

This is as silly as not buying an Apple computer because you don’t like what Chuq posts on his blog, or as silly as not supporting the EFF because you don’t like Cory’s SF novels. What Cory posts on Boing Boing is his own work, and nothing to do with the EFF.
I’ll no doubt be writing something about John G’s post on the whole trusted computing shebang later. Meanwhile, we return you to your regular programming…

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