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More paranoid ranting from Dave Winer

Dave Winer’s  complaining because some people at Microsoft want to use "webfeeds" instead of "RSS" in the public facing bits of Windows Vista:

Now, there’s no one to haul them into court for screwing with RSS, which is too bad, because they deserve to lose this case, but they will pay a price, because all their hard work in RSS will be for naught. How can you claim to support a feature when the name of the feature appears nowhere?

And he even gets more than a little paranoid:

I can just hear the wheels turning at Microsoft, thinking how they’ll
screw me for daring to have an opinion contrary to theirs. This isn’t
paranoia, it’s really how their logic works.

(Obligatory Winer-warning: these quotes may disappear from Dave’s site if he decides at some point to rewrite the history of his opinions… oh sorry, "make corrections".)
That a simple effort to make something more understandable to people who aren’t geeks should provoke such ire is surprising. But then, Dave really doesn’t understand usability – he is after all, someone who’s in love with OPML.

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  • Siobhan Curran

    Is there anything fundamentally different to Microsoft doing that, and Apple calling IEEE 1394 “FireWire”?