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Mac Tablet – Apple hiring engineers?

Link: ::: bisonium.com :::: Apple Tablet in the Works?.

According to a recent job posting at Apple, they are looking for a Handwriting Recognition Engineer. Could this mean an Apple Tablet is in the works?

Although this could simply make sense in terms of keeping Inkwell up to date, I really don’t see why Apple would would be bothering with Inkwell at all if there’s no Mac Tablet PC in the works. When you’re sat at a desk with a keyboard in front of you, why use a graphics tablet to write on?

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  • http://www.plasticbag.org Tom Coates

    When you use graphics tablets, it’s a bit of a huge context switch to put the thing down and move to a keyboard and then pick it up again, so I tend to use Ink for small words, letters and bits of text that I’m writing in the middle of images in Omnigraffle or Photoshop. I can’t quite believe that its for uses like that which has resulted in them bringing in new staff, but certainly if it was improved it would make my life easier. Sometimes you wonder whether it’s more about realising that it could get really useful soon, rather than immediately. Dunno.