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iPod Shows Soft Underbelly? Not Just Yet

Link: Apple Matters | iPod Shows Soft Underbelly? Not Just Yet

Yet Mr. Munster forgets that the iPod is much more than just another consumer gadget people can get rid of on a whim. Once you couple the iPod with songs from the iTunes music store you’re stuck (short of EULA violating hacks) using the iPod as you mp3 player until something sufficiently compelling comes along to replace it.

Sadly, Chris Seibold is completely right about this. The iPod/iTunes Music Store connection is an attempt to lock consumers into the iPod by making it harder to move to another player if you’ve bought a substantial number of tunes from the store. Yes, there are ways that you can strip the DRM out of the AAC files that you get from iTMS: but most consumers simply don’t care enough to do it (and don’t buy enough music online to justify it – yet).

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  • James Bailey

    I think you have your facts wrong in this case.

    DRM is mandated by the music industry. Apple originally got into trouble for having a marketing campaign of rip-mix-burn.

    I think Apple is taking advantage of their market position just as any other company would but the DRM was imposed on them from outside the company.