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Scoble’s standards

Robert Scoble responds to David Berlind’s post on What it means to be Scobleized (David’s comment in italics, Robert’s reply after that):

"Sifry deserved a call before the criticism was levied, not after." I don’t agree. This is my blog and is my opinion. You saying every blogger should call vendors before they criticize? That just ain’t gonna happen, sorry. You should work at Microsoft — we get criticized hundreds of times a week and I doubt that we get a heads up very often on those blog posts

Robert, isn’t this rather different to the response you gave me last week, when we were debating the difference between bloggers and journalists? After all, at the time you said "I have hundreds of key people in the industry on IM and Skype. I have thousands more that I can email." To turn around to David and claim that you have no responsibility to make those calls now is more than a little disingenuous.

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