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PR folks do their jobs, we do ours

Michael Gartenberg posts commenting on Scoble and Russ Beattie’s comments on being emailed by PR folk:

While I work with firms like Edelman, WaggEd and Weber shandwick, small folks can have influence. Rennee Blodgett, for example got me looking at Newsgator for example. Let’s face if it. If you’re a popular blogger in the space, you’re going to have PR folks after you. The good ones will be of great help and the bad ones should just be ignored (I get lots of shotgunned emails from PR folks looking for coverage from folks who clearly have no idea what I do or cover.). I’ve met Steve [Rubel] a few times and he doesn’t seem like the type to spam inappropriately but then again, we all make mistakes. Bottom line, PR folks don’t waste time with folks that don’t matter so be flattered by the attention, let the good ones help you with what you do and let evolution take care of the poor ones.
[Michael Gartenberg]

Michael’s completely correct, both about PR in general and Steve Rubel and Rene Blodgett in particular. If you’re an “opinion former” – and both Russ and Robert are – you’ll get contacted by PRs, because what you say matters. I’ve worked with both Rene and Steve in the past, and both are very clued up, smart and pleasant people to work with.

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