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KnockOut: Companion for Microsoft Outlook

On the whole, I love Outlook – mainly, it has to be said, because of the plethora of really cool add-ins for it, rather than the program itself. However, the most annoying thing about it is its occasional bouts of amnesia: You quit it, and it forgets to really quit. Enter KnockOut:

KnockOut is a free Microsoft Outlook companion product that allows you to easily monitor the state of Outlook on your computer. From a notification area icon, KnockOut can show you if Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word are running on your computer (even if no windows are showing on your taskbar). If one of these applications is in a hung state, you can terminate them right from the KnockOut menu. This will help clear up rare mystery situations, in which you think Outlook is not running because you see no windows on your taskbar, but when you launch Outlook again nothing happens because it is actually running in the background.

An essential application for anyone using Outlook.

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