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Go returns to sue Microsoft for “killing” it

Pen computing comes back to haunt Microsoft… If you haven’t read Startup it’s well worth the time, especially for the accounts of the dealings with Microsoft. Kaplan manages to give both an excellent account of a startup, and a cautionary tale about what working with Microsoft used to be like (and, some would argue, still is).

Go Corp. is one of those legendary Silicon Valley flameouts that people still cite as a cautionary tale — in part, because of founder Jerry Kaplan’s excellent memoir Startup (and, no, this is not an affiliate link), which details the company’s collapse after Microsoft checked out its PenPoint tablet computing OS and then began work on a competing product (Windows for Pen Computing). Now, Kaplan (who later founded auction site Onsale.com) has returned, and this time he’s looking for payback. Kaplan has filed suit against Microsoft, alleging that Microsft tried to “kill” Go back in the early 90s. Kaplan’s timing might be good, given that Microsoft has recently been handing out the cash to quiet complaints from old competitors. However, given the amount of time that’s passed since the demise of Go, Kaplan might find that his chance to snag some of BillG’s cash may have come and gone. [via Download Squad]

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