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Eagleburger: “Let’s bomb Syria!”

News Hounds: Reckless Response to London: Bomb Syria

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger gave one of the more reckless responses to the London bombings Thursday (July 7, 2005) when he proposed that the U.S. bomb or invade Syria and possibly Iran in retaliation.
Appearing on “The Big Story” with John Gibson, Eagleburger admitted what he was going to say would not be popular and then said the U.S. should “move against those who are housing terorists.”
“This is war and I don’t understand why it’s not proper to go after those who mother the terrorists,” Eagleburger said, pointing to Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Thank God this guy is a “former” secretary of state.

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  • http://beforebed.blogspot.com Lee dadpour

    sorry but the guy should keep such a supid statment to him self. I cant believe he has got air time, its very scary.