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Dave Winer: Wanker

From Scripting News: 6/9/2005

It’s great that Scoble is getting into the media hacker thing. But we must draw the line somewhere. For example, Ben Hammersley is definitely not a media hacker. Maybe a media wanka, if that.
Some people just don’t get that there are two sides to every story. No doubt Hammersley thinks I’m a wanka too. He’s written as much, at least twice in The Guardian and maybe other places as well. He doesn’t come right out and say it, his editors would never let him do that, but the effect has been pretty nasty anyway. So by openly making it clear how I feel about this schmeggege (that’s Yiddish for wanka), I hope to prevent him from getting any more of these supposedly objective writing assignments. He can go fuck with someone else’s career using his employer’s ink if he wants to, if they’ll let him. Anyone who works for the Guardian or the BBC now surely knows he’s conflicted when it comes to this wanka.

Dave, it’s wanker. And yes, you are one. Dave, you constantly and persistently use your influence in the tech world to bully and berate those that don’t pay you enough homage. Where you get called on some outrageous claim or lie, you simple attempt to edit your mistakes out of existence by rewriting your posts to make yourself look better. And you make constant ad hominem attacks instead of attacking someone’s arguments.

In my book, that makes you a wanker, rather than Ben.

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  • http://blogs.linux.ie/stuff Mark


    He was probably the person whose feed I unsubscribed from the quickest. Two days of Dave was like a lifetime of being stuck in purgatory watching the same three episodes of Perfect Strangers.