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Chris Coulter and the “Cluetrain hippie dance”

I love this quote from Chris Coulter in the comments from a story on Scoble’s site about how Kyptonite didn’t “engage” with bloggers:

But see, bloggers yack to the hit-hungry press and that 5% can morph when it breaks in mainstream press outlets, making it look bigger than it is. Ten bloggers yabbing about something, can create an sourced echo chamber that the likes of Wired needs to run with a story. Wired gets it, gives excuse to the bigger press organs, and before you know it, it’s in the NYT or WSJ. You need to engage on all fronts. Blood on all hands here. The company froze, and tried to damage control, the blogs just piled on, needlessly punishing a small company for merely not doing the Cluetrain hippie dance.

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