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Berlind pulls up Winer

David Berlind pulls up Dave Winer on one of Dave’s typical rants in Blog first and ask questions later? | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

However, Dave’s comment–"I’d rather make a mistake and have it corrected within a few minutes, than spend two weeks researching something and still get it wrong, as most reporters do. "– is demeaning to reporters (as well as bloggers who spend time researching topics, striving for accuracy before pulling the trigger). We reporters/bloggers from the ‘establishment’ don’t always succeed, and we always hear about the failures, but well researched journalism (text, audio, video, animation, images) is primary source material and critical to the information ecosystem.

Dave Winer is, of course, well known around the blogosphere for his habit of being demonstrate to be wrong on a point, and then going back and re-editing his posts so his errors magically disappear. Dave would defend this as "corrections", but given that he tends not to note that he’s made a correction it comes across as simply rewriting history.

Ironic, then, that Dave criticises journalist for getting things wrong. When print journalists get things wrong, our mistakes are there for all to see – unlike Dave’s mistakes.

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