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Apple making big inroads in business with OS X

Macworld posted a story over the weekend on Apple making big inroads in business with OS X. The initial version of the story implied that Apple’s market share in large businesses was up to 21% – a huge jump, given that it’s commonly thought Apple’s market share is around 2.5% and less in business.

I checked with Joe Wilcox, the analyst who was quoted in the story, and it turned out it was a misquote: 21% of larger companies have some Macs, which, given the Mac’s popularity in design and publishing, is no surprise. Although the story has been corrected, I think it’s still misleading. Take, for example, the following passage:

Mac OS X Server is also doing well with businesses. Nine percent of companies with 250 employees or more used Mac OS X Server, while 14 percent of companies with 10,000 employees or more used Apple’s Server software.

To the casual eye, I think that reads like they’re using it exclusively, which is of course wrong. Still, for 14% of 10,000+ employee companies to be using even one copy of OS X Server is good news for Apple.

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  • http://viewfromthemountain.typepad.com/applepeels ocracokewaves

    Actually I’m a little disappointed with the OS X server news because the same graphics department theory should be at play. As well as Apple is doing, I believe they may well be under pressure in graphics areas. I’ve seen a couple of scenarios where the IT department starts managing the servers of the graphics group and then all of sudden they take control of the desktops which get migrated to corporate standard Windows desktops.