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Firefox and Thunderbird on Mac

Heads up for anyone who uses Firefox on Mac OS X (does anyone on the Mac use Thunderbird?)

After some discussion, we’ve decided that Firefox and Thunderbird 1.1 and later will no longer support Macintosh OS X 10.1.

We value all of our Macintosh users and this decision wasn’t taken lightly but the advantages unsupporting this older version is that we can start to take better advantage of the capabilities of newer versions and drastically improve the Firefox and Thunderbird experience for more contemporary Mac users.
[via Asa Dotzler on firefox, cats, mars, and more]

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  • http://lg-domain.blogdrive.com/ leon

    Ah well, i’m sure us PC users will think “so what” and just continue using FF…

  • http://justinpfarrell.blogspot.com Justin Farrell

    I just switched from PC to MAC, I miss the customizability of Firefox and Thunderbird. They just dont run the same on the MAC…for obvious reasons.

  • Mark

    We’ve considered Thuderbird for a user who uses both a PC and a Mac (and who uses Thunderbird already on the PC), just to keep her experience consistent, but so far haven’t made the leap. But we’re on 10.3 and 10.4, so this wouldn’t apply to us. (She uses Firefox on her PC and Safari or Camino on the Mac.)

    It doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. Less than 10% of Mac users are on 10.1, and I assume you would still be able to download an older version of Firefox or Thunderbird even for those users.

    — Mark

  • tom Barta

    Well, I have one Mac on 10.1, but it’s not like my existing browser on that machine will stop working. Dropping 10.1 makes good sense, as long as one can still obtain older versions of FF, as needed.

  • Terry

    I’m on the Mac platform v 10.3.9. Considering the difficulties with both the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird on this platform – I’m wondering why I use them at all.

    After reading this story on Firefox I had to start up Safari, just to write a response. The comment box wouldn’t display properly in my Firefox browser, so I pasted the URL into Safari and wala! I could see this comment field thus permitting me to write this response!

    I’ve been encountering significant problems with Thunderbird since the introduction of 10.3.8. I’ve reported the bug to both the Mozilla bug report area and to the Thunderbird support forum. Thus far, I’ve received no help at all.

    I can’t delete my old mail, can’t mark junk mail unless I go to the .mac browser email site and delete it that way. Funny thing is it only is a problem with my .mac accounts. I get the following dialog box message “The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: (TRYCREATE) Mailbox does not exist.”

    So far, no responses, I’m guessing its a simple problem. Mozilla also groups Windows, Mac and LInux problems all together. I’ve also asked them to seperate the problems out by platform. I’m guessing it would just point out which platform has the most problems. Perhaps its the Mac OS?

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Terry probably you are a [deleted]. I haven’t got any problem with FF and TB on OS X. Yes, I post this in FF because I see the comment box, [deleted].

    [Editorial note: Anyone calling someone else “retard”, “moron” or whatever will, in future, be banned. If you can’t have a civilised conversation, fuck off to Slashdot.]

  • Genesis

    Wow Sebhelyesfarku are you wound a lil tight today? Take a deep breath and step away from the keyboard.

  • George

    I’m also having problems with FF 1.0.6 on OSX 10.3.9 with the same TRYCREATE problem (cannot delete incoming mail). Moving incoming mail only marks mail as deleted. I have it accessing a UW-IMAP server. Its definitely an OSX port problem since I have no problems at all accessing the same imap server with a Windows FF client. So I can say with confidence Terry is not a (delete).