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UKIP’s election platform

Anyone thinking about voting for UKIP should take a look at the details of the party’s platform, at  "UKIP aim is to ‘reclaim’ nation". Among the juicy highlights:

  • Leave EU
  • Set up new trade agreement
  • Restricted immigration
  • Pensions raised by £25 a week
  • Council tax cut by half
  • Raise borrowing £30bn
  • More nuclear power

UKIP’s policies are a mixture of impractical nonsense and deep conservative (with a small c) discredited economics. The real reason the party proposes borrowing $30 billion isn’t to stimulate the economy, but to mask the drastic consequences of the UK pulling out of the EU. It’s also a dishonest platform: Any negotiated trading relationship with the rest of the EU would be on the same terms as countries such as Norway, which are forced to comply with EU social legislation yet, as they are not members, have no say in the setting of those regulations.
Their policies away from the topic of the EU are, if anything, even more ridiculous. Cutting taxes overall, yet abolishing the 10p rate for the lowest earners means punishing the worst off while delivering tax cuts to the richest. £25 on the state pension sounds great – until you start to wonder who will pay for it. The answer of course is the least-well off working families who currently benefit from that 10p rate.
This isn’t even as credible as "voodoo economics" – it’s nonsense economics. No wonder the main parties aren’t arguing with UKIP – it’d be like arguing with a three year old.

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  • http://www.adam.tinworth.name Adam

    Yes, they really are the classic one issue, marginal party. Nobody seriously cares what their other policies are, because their only function in an election is to act as a barometer of how many people are really worried about Europe. Much like the Greens, in many ways.