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The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Link: Intel backs up Apple in court – ZDNet UK News.

"Strong trade secret laws are vital to the health of California’s high-technology business and to the economy of the nation as a whole," Intel and BSA stated in their joint brief. "There is no public interest in having such trade secrets stolen and plastered on the Internet for competitors and others to see."

Oh, the irony. Strange how, when Intel wanted to speed up the performance of VIdeo For Windows, it went to the same developer who’d worked on QuickTime for Windows with Apple – Canyon Software – and got them to do it. Apple ended up suing Intel for stealing code from QuickTime for Windows and putting it the offending software. Sure, there’s no public interest in trade secrets being stolen – but if there’s private profit to be made, that’s a different matter.

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  • http://blogs.linux.ie/stuff Mark

    After reading Inside Intel, I never looked at an Intel Rep the same way ever again. Which is why there was a hint of revulsion when I first read that article.

    Andy Grove makes Steve Jobs look reasonable; no wonder they get on so well.

  • http://jackwhispers.blogspot.com Rus

    Might shoulda googled your title and info before posting this, not upset – just letting ya know…


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