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The difference between the Mac and Apple

Link: Applepeels.

Apple is a very difficult company to understand from the outside.  If you love the products, like I and many others do, it is really hard to accept the fact that these great products can come from a company that has some practices that many people might find distasteful.  That doesn’t mean you have to stop loving the products, it just means that the world inside Apple might not be what you thought it was.

I actually couldn’t put it better myself.  There are far too many uses around, who because Apple produces fantastic machinery, think that Apple can itself do no wrong.  There are far too many people around who think that because Apple does wonderful designs, we have the right to do what it wants in terms of business practices. The truth is more complex, as it usually is. Apple is a company that is capable of wonderful achievements, but like all companies, it has a darker side. 

Apple is no more good or evil as the company than Microsoft.  It simply makes better products.

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  • Ian Betteridge

    WTF kind of vague worthless statement is that. perrty said to be a TROLL on you own BLOG. Let’s say those statements are true, which you can’t because their not specific enough. But even if they were how does that make practicing good business, or tiring to, a bad thing?


  • Jack

    You’re kidding me, right?

    You’re right — Apple is like Microsoft in the sense that both are companies. However, Apple has never been charged with using it’s monopoly in an unlawful way. I hardly doubt you’ll ever hear Apple threatening a company, if they don’t stop promoting their competitors products.

    Personally, I’m interested in knowing what Apple does, as a company, that you find distasteful? Is it the fact that they sued people because their tradesecrets were revealed?

    Here’s a question for you? If you were a movie producer, and you were filming, what you believe, would be one of the greatest films of the year, would you want someone to see it before it’s complete? Or, what if you had the movie completed? And someone pirated it and the movie was on the internet before the movie could even open? I’m sure you’d be pissed.

    It’s not a perfect analogy, but Apple uses it’s MacWorlds/WWDC, as a way to showcase their new products. When the informatino is posted to the internet, it takes away some of the “bam”, that would generally come along.

    And even worse, when a product doesn’t show up, it hurts Apple even more. “Where’s iHome? Apple let us down again! ETC ETC ETC ETC”

  • John Davis

    Sure, a banjo is a flute, gourmet French food is the same as a big Mac. If we analyze Apple/Mac and Wintel, there are some HUGE differences that make for an entirely different product.

    Apple is a team which is led by one person with a dream. Microsoft is a committee with the purpose of making money.

    Apple continues to improve and innovate because it is going somewhere. MS is struggling to hold its position.

    What will the situation be in 5 yrs? 10 yrs?

    John Davis

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    D: If you’re going to accuse someone of trolling, at least have the good grace to use your own name to do it.

    Jack and John: Thanks for the comments. First of all, Jack, Apple has never been charged with using its monopoly in an illegal way because Apple has never had a monopoly (in the legal sense). Name me a company that’s had a monopoly (which isn’t itself illegal) that hasn’t gone on to abuse it. You’re right that I’m being vague, but hey – this is a blog, not a news site :) I’ll write some more later to stretch this out a little.

    John, I’m not comparing Apple and Microsoft’s powers of innovation – at the end, here, I’m simply pointing out that *neither* is evil, they’re both just companies. In both cases, some of their actions are (to put it mildly) questionable – but that doesn’t make one “good” and one “evil”. Those are words you use about people, not corporations.

    Obviously, though, I need to expand on this a bit. I’ll post something detailed tomorrow.

  • Sir Julius

    Ohhh really?!!???… well then who is to say a pickle makes a good cucumber,.. or a DG handbag could be used as a maxi pad,.. I have never been so down right tempered by the mentality of this trolling. You people need to irradiate your lifestyle choices to an appropriate discernment.

  • http://www.saynotopremium.co.uk e donovan

    hmmm fast forward to 2008/09.

    Witness the scarily closed iPhone platform.

    I know a developer who created an iPhone application that helps you make cheaper phone calls from your iPhone. He was refused permission by Apple to put it on the app store because of “carrier policy circumvention”. The app helped people reduce their phone bill by giving them alternative numbers to ring rather than 0800 numbers (‘free’ 0800 numbers are expensive to dial on mobiles). This wasn’t allowed, presumably because Apples buddy O2 wouldn’t like it. That’s what I call a dark side.