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iSync and Series 60

Yes, according to Apple’s list of devices supported by the new iSync, more Series 60 phones – including my own Nokia 7610 – are supported. That’s worth the money for a Tiger upgrade alone for me, although it does mean that I’ve got to work out how to sync my Outlook contacts with Address Book…

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  • http://talk.org Pelle

    Unfortunately the 6630 isn’t. I’ve tried it. Im still trying to figure out where the conduit data is stored as it has moved from Panther.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Yeah, I wonder why the 6630 isn’t supported… given that I expect it to be Nokia’s biggest seller this year it seems an odd omission.

  • Luke

    6630 IIRC is symbian os 8 – probably why. Some other apps not working with it because of that I think.

  • http://www.mikekrisher.com Mike

    I moved my Outlook info to Adress Book using Outlook2mac. Works fantastic. Only $10US or something too.

  • http://goto.infloop.com/blog/infloop/ Andrew Hobson

    Address Book can synchronized with Exchange in 10.3 if your exchange server supports OWA (Outlook Web Access). Open up Address Book’s Preferences and look under the General tab. There should be an option to “Synchronize with Exchange”. Now if only Apple would provide the same support in iCal.

  • Steven McDowall

    OK –So I have Tiger OS X 10.4.2 (the latest) — and my wonderful Nokia 7610. And yes, I can iSync happily now. However — has anyone else noticed (or is it just me?) that the other common Bluetooth functions do NOT work on the 7610? Namely, I can’t select the Nokia 7610 from Address Book “Bluetooth” selection and have it work. It keeps asking for a “Pairing PIN” and no matter what I enter it fails to pair. This is rather weird anyway since the phone already IS paired on the BlueTooth preferences screen. I’ve paired it like 20 times and still Address Book won’t work with it — so no nice easy SMS message sending or dialing, etc.

    Also — File Transfer / Browsing doesn’t work. It starts up and looks like it works, but the directory is blank and no where to go. Can’t create a new folder either.

    So — is the Nokia 7610 only partially supported? Anyone else have these issues?


  • Jason

    I just got a Nokia 7610 yesterday, and can’t get it to sync with my Powerbook (updated Tiger). I know others have done it: any advice/ instructions? Please?

  • Jon

    I had the same problem – on your phone, go into Connect. > Bluetooth. Then hit the Right joystick button to take you into “Paired devices”. Select your computer and a menu pops up. Choose “Set as Authorized” and you should be done!

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