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Apple NDA developer discussions – coming soon?

There’s an interesting discussion going on in the comments to a brief posting over at  Scoble’s, about the lack of any kind of forum where developers can discuss NDA’d stuff. Bryan Pietrzak posts that:

It’s my understanding that Apple has a comprehensive solution to NDA
restricted discussions coming soon, but that it just wasn’t ready to
benefit Tiger. It’s not that Apple doesn’t know that we want an
environment to discussed NDA’ed material (the old java-seed list was
great!), but they just want to "do it right".

This would be good news for developers, who at the moment lack the kind of community that’s needed.
But there’s a slightly wider issue, which is Apple’s reluctance to be more open about its system releases prior to introduction. Despite it being a year (at least) away, there’s a sack load of discussion and information about Longhorn around for both developers and others with a technical interest – yet the same discussion would have been NDA-violating for Tiger. Why? Yes, I can understand Apple’s desire to make a marketing splash with an OS release, but the company had already revealed details of all the features anyway. More importantly, the pay-off from increased openess about future operating systems is better customer and developer feedback – something that, in a core product like an OS, is immensely valuable.

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