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Om Malik on Broadband � iMac G5 Meltdown

Link: Om Malik on Broadband � iMac G5 Meltdown.

Friends of mine have pinged me with news that iMac G5 machines are having a meltdown. Apparently, the machines have been a hit with corporate users who are snapping up these puppies. However, most corporate employees tend to leave their computers powered up overnight. This is resulting in overheating and resulting in power supply brownouts and fan problems. Anyone else hear this news? I wonder, the popularity of everything Apple is resulting in technical problems all the time. I had the same problems with iPods in the past.

Anyone know anything about this?

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  • Alex

    Though the plural of anecdote is not data I’ve had my dual G5 mac at work for the past year. I’ve turned it off about three times and I’ve turned off the sleep function. No problems here.

  • Claire Brewer

    Dunno about fan problems but we’ve had a *lot* of our G5s go back for repair with display issues. Apple hardware test reports NVD errors which I assume is the graphics card.

    And don’t get me started on my 12″ Powerbook repair which has spiralled dues to “Apple’s bad design”

  • http://www.MentoringToSuccess.com Joe Mcfarland

    I am experiencing a meltdown. I use my 20″ G-5 almost every waking hour. I did not realize they had a reputation of noisy fans or I would have noticed it. Tonite, it just quit and smells of burnt plastic. I was able to get it back up to run a check…boy did the fan make a lot of noise then. I guess tomorrow Apple will be replacing a computer.