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Attack of the Clones and a blast from the past – The Unofficial Apple Weblog – apple.weblogsinc.com

The Unofficial Apple Weblog does a nice piece at Attack of the Clones and a blast from the past, one that will bring tears to many people’s eyes.

1997 was the year Gil Amelio gave his final Macworld keynote – and spoke for 3 hours, without saying much of anything. No one was listening anyway.

It was the year that Apple begged

Or perhaps it was Gil’s speech that brought tears to the eyes. All I remember about that keynote was that there wasn’t enough room, and I ended up sat on the floor at the right hand side, and the 20 minutes or so that Jobs was on stage demoing NeXTSTEP – from his IBM ThinkPad, of course. Painful.

Steve Jobs to return to Cupertino as more than just a “strategic consultant” – after forcing him out 12 years earlier. He accepted, agreeing to be the “Interim CEO.”

However, TUAW isn’t quite right on this one: Jobs did, in fact, return to Apple as a consultant, but as the Apple PRs of the time said "Steve Jobs has no operational role at Apple." That was probably Gil’s biggest mistake: with no operational role, Jobs was free to spend his time plotting to oust Amelio. Although, actually, being in charge of something probably wouldn’t have stopped him plotting anyway.

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