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Tiger to end Save?

From ext|circ:

Apple have released some more developer docs for Tiger, this time sneak preview documentation for Xcode 2.0. Of note is the new object-graph management feature in Core Data:

Object-graph management allows you to work with the data in your application, including full undo and redo support. It also provides a well-defined data integrity infrastructure. Object-graph persistence means that the data in your application is automatically stored to, and then retrieved from, a file on disk.

I wonder if this persistence is truly automatic and does away with user-initiated save points in documents (no more file-save – it just happens, all the time, continuously). How far does this full undo/redo support go?

Would doing away with the File/Save routine be a step forward? I think the answer is a definite “yes”. One of the nicest things about Microsoft’s OneNote is that it doesn’t have a Save option – everything is saved as you work. It’s another step away from a computer-centric vision of documents and towards a more natural mode of working.

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  • nick

    The only problem is one of reassurance: for instance, Notational Velocity has the same model whereby you never need to worry about Option-S. But you do it anyway, just to make sure.

    In the transition away from user-initiatied file/save, developers really do need to build in visual cues just to assure users that their work isn’t going to disappear.

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