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Tablet PC rental?

Tim Marman suggest that Tablet PC rental shops might be a good idea:

Someone suggested a Tablet PC rental store awhile back. I think this is an extraordinary idea – an idea Microsoft might seriously want to consider. Tell them about it, and they’ll blow it off as something that is all hype and only has utility in niche markets. Get the Tablets in the hands of people and, more often than not, you’ll have a convert.

It’s strange: Apple came up with a similar idea to push the early Mac. I wonder if pen computing is at the same stage now as the GUI was then?

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  • http://www.rentacomputer.com/rentals/tablet-pc.asp John Beagle

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    I tried one at a seminar and found it quite useful. Especially when I got back to my hotel room and was able to hook up my full sized keyboard and mouse. The tablet sits up like a monitor so it was like a regular computer too.

    Handwriting software has come a long way.

  • http://www.alltp.com John Hill

    We have had a 48 hour demo program for about four years now. For the last six months we have also begun renting tablets for two or four weeks at a time.

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