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MacAndBack on the Tablet PC

Evan has a great, funny post on the equally great G’Day World interview with Marc Orchant in G’Day, Tablet PC:

Speaking of Office 2003, a bit later in the podcast, the topic is, “Why doesn’t Outlook 2003 support the Tablet PC, um, at all?” Sounds like Microsoft’s really behind their product on this one.

Yes, but at least it leaves a gap for Josh Einstein to make some well-deserved money.

Speaking of Josh, he makes an interesting comment on his thoughts post-Windows Anywhere:

Of the 7 or so people I’ve convinced to buy a Tablet PC, none of them use the digitizer anymore. It’s just a laptop to them.

I’d say my tablet use breaks down as 60% laptop 40% tablet, but that’s because I have the software to make it worth using in Tablet mode – mostly either PlanPlus for XP or OneNote. Without the software, a tablet is just another laptop – so maybe MS should start pushing real tablet development.

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