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Keep ’em out!

Cait nails the current round of immigration scare stories in Moolies: Inevitable General Election hot air:

Michael Howard announces health checks for immigrants. Because of course, all immigrants, be they Irish, French, American, Japanese… (oh, I’m sorry, you meant the nig-nogs didn’t you? Whoops – let’s use the nice euphemism: citizens from "developing" nations) are the causes of TB and HIV in this country. Nothing to do with the homeless roaming the streets of London, or the increase in unprotected sex by idiots.

This kind of kneejerk filth makes me increasingly angry since the Labour Party, so called bastion of fairness, is so frightened of losing power that they are also joining the "let’s knock immigrants" bandwagon.
The fact of the matter, re: the above story, is that the Labour Party govt sponsored a huge, hundreds of thousands of pounds worth report condeming NHS tourism last year, and found (although this was kept somewhat quiet, versus their headlines that they were sponsoring the report, naturally) that in the key hospitals they targetted as being most at risk, that there is *no statistically significant amount of overseas "custom" of NHS services*. Neverthless, that information only comes through magazines like Private Eye (thank God for Private Eye), and the message the general public was left with was "Immigrants take your taxes and are disease ridden freeloaders". Howard gratefully takes the baton and runs only a few steps further with it, to keep nailing that message home.

The Michael Howard story is based on a lie. A fabrication aimed squarely at enhancing a climate of fear, and it is standing on another lie perpetuated by the Labour Govt.

I despise them all.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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