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Dumb United Media

Chris Lanier blogs about United Media’s objection to a Windows Media Center program which displays UM’s comics. As Chris puts it: 

If you don’t know Comics for Media Center is this nifty plug-in that displays comic strips inside of Media Center.  The concept is rather simple and here’s how the plug-in works….


A feed is obtain through a third party website (i.e. not mcesoft.nl or the site hosting the comics which is United Media) –> That feed has the URL’s to the images on the site that hosts the comics (United Media in this case) –> Comics for Media Center takes that feed with the URL and displays them inside of MCE.


That sounds simple and it is!  But wait, United Media is claming that this is “Unauthorized use of Intellectual Property”.  The important thing to remember about them being displayed in Media Center is that it’s really just Internet Explorer.  By downloading comics using Media Center (which is using IE) you might just be violating someone IP, even through you can download them in Internet Explorer and it’s not violating anything.  Stupid, you bet!

Of course, if UM was smart it would buy the program and update it to include adverts, thus hitting a new market. But instead it uses what it probably a spurious claim over IP to try and force people to visit its web site to read – something that’s unlikely to happen if it continues to be this consumer-unfriendly.

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