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Apple buy out of Tivo?

AP has a story about Tivo Shares Surge on Buyout Speculation, with Apple listed as a possible buyer. In a post to his weblog yesterday, Michael Gartenberg showed this one for what it is – wishful thinking on the part of a Wall Street analyst. As Michael puts it:

Apple’s not a big fan of TV consumption
and is not likely to want to want to get into the standalone DVR
business at this point. Even if they did, I suspect Apple could build
the technology themselves cheaper (and even if you think they can’t, I
suspect they think they can.)

If Apple was going to acquire someone in this space, it would more likely match the previous pattern of their acquisitions, and be a small, little-known company that has technology it needs.

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  • http://www.neuromantics.net paulpod

    Maybe, maybe not. They did buy Emagic remember when they wanted to leverage some high end realtime audio technology into a consumer app (Garage Band). Emagic made Logic which other than Pro Tools is the main pro music app, hardly a small unknown.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    You’re right that Emagic was pretty well known in its niche, but outside that it was hardly a household name…

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