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NTL are liars

Adam Curry posts about his experiences with NTL:

I had set up a contract with NTL 2 weeks ago, that’s the cable company providing broadband, for a december 20th install of our modem, which was going to tide me over until Easynet drops the 4mb pipe in on the 4th of January. Just received a call that they won’t be able to install until, you guessed it, the new year. What is it with these companies, just like British Telecom, they promise and put install dates in writing, mind you only when you pay your install charges up front and your first month of service, and then they re-schedule. Needless to say I cancelled my subscription immediately and suggest you be wary when doing business with NTL. They are liars.
Sounds pretty much the same as the experience that virtually everyone I know who’s had to suffer NTL’s so-called customer service has had. I know damn well that they’d have to be the only option left for me to use them again.

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