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Griffin Technology shows off a pod-load of new gadgets

Trying to put in hospital with a heart attack from overwork, Griffin Technology has released no less than 9 new gizmos for the iPod:

  • XpressStand, a table top stand for the Airport Express
  • SmartDeck, an “intelligent” tape adapter for iPod
  • Dock800, a Firewire 800 cable for dockable iPods
  • BlueTrip, wireless bluetooth audio for iPod
  • AirClick, a US$39.99 remote control for your Mac, iPod or iPod mini
  • LapelMic, stereo microphone
  • TuneJuice, an iPod backup battery
  • FireWave, surround sound for Firewire capable Macs
  • RocketFM, a USB based FM transmitter for the Mac

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