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How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?

Sometimes, journalists just get it right – like today’s cover of The Daily Mirror

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  • Mary Jo Anderson

    I read your article How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb, and am wondering that myself!! I am from Minnesota, and am very proud to say I did not vote for that illiterat brain dead person who pretends he is looking out for the best interest of the citizens of this country. Unfortunately, I think the same thing is happening in this country now, that happened in Germany in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.

    Again, your articly was very very good. Thank you.


    I agree with the article. I am from North Carolina and I did not vote for that self centered, brain dead, psuedo leader.

  • Ted Colby, LTC US Army

    The day will come when you Europeans must convert to Islam or die and then we in free America will say “How could over 500 million Europeans be so blind. You Europeans have had to have your chestnuts plucked from the fire time and time again by the people you consider as “stupid Americans”. Next time we won’t come to help. Better buy a rag to wrap around your head, you’ll need it when they come knocking at your door.

  • John

    LTC Ted Colby must be part of the 59,054,087 people.

  • Jim Bob

    Why do we care what the Europeans think? Soon they’ll be basking in an Islamic paradise. If you don’t see the world as I do, I will dismiss you, ridicule you, and use some pseudo-intellectual logic that my professor force fed me.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Mr Colby needs to learn some history – for example the contribution of the Soviet Union to defeating Hitler. As for converting to Islam… have you ever met any Europeans? We’re much less religious than you lot – and in fact, unlike your silly constitution, many of our countries are officially secular. Or did you not hear about the ban on ostentatious religious items in state schools in France?

  • Frenchy

    In fact we europeans are not as good as we pretend. we have also a lot of “conquestor’s” attitude and there would be a lot to criticize. But not as much as in the US, now.

    Look the hypocrisy, you say you are free but:

    You have no free press. You have no counter-power, your opinion is manipulated. You are showed a dichotomic, manichean world, with BAD guy, GOOD guy, INSECURITY…

    That’s too simple to be true. There are bad guys both sides. you’re not that good.

    “loook the streets are unsecure, all these black guys who sell crack” told your TV all day long.

    as a result you are RACIST (again, I don’t say Europeans are not!) look the black condition. Actually, you don’t know much about history and geography of the world. I don’t say Europeans are much better,

    but as a nation, USA is so EGOISTIC, self-centered, cynical! I mean, you really act shameless. “We protect our strategic interests” it means, yeah, you do exactly what you like, make war where you want to secure OIL, and natural ressources, promote DICTATORIAL REGIMES everywhere in the world (Argentina & CIA! Venezuela, Chavez).

    And your people never questions the behaviours of your elite. WHY?

    Why is your people so NAIVE, acts like teenagers, hypnotised by tv, stupid violent sports, and the next car to buy?

    Maybe you should really do something about your school system. do you think it’s acceptable that the “most advanced civilisation” has such an injust school system? is that correct to have reference to god in the school? do you see a correct statistic about black/white ratio in university degree?. And what about the illiteracy rate?

    I mean, aren’t you shocked when your country acts AGAINST ALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD? That’s what O N U is, bro! it’s not a terrorist organisation, you know, it’s only supposed to avoid BIG SHIT like world war, or civilisation clash, just what YOU started.

    The sad truth is: ANY country in the world would have been banned from the world diplomacy it they did what you do (invasion). You are just potentially too dangerous.

    I mean did you really BELEIVED Sadam had anything to see with the WTC? Open your eyes man! The whole thing is a conquest for supplies. you can’t do that in a democracy.

    And honnestly, maybe you feel like you’re free, because your catholic or protestant, white, capitalist in the USA, but your world is not a democracy any more as soon as you are, say, muslim, arab and poor, or black, atheist and socialist, which, you must accept, one has the right to be. I guess an islam believer in Irak feels as free as you do, under its anachronic “god-law”. Bot both are narow-minded, and dangerous for peace. I mean America, and terorrism. You can change that, but not by war.

    Do you really think you have free anyone in Irak? if so, why the civils are turning themselves into resistants?

    Look when you came in france, the french civilians hided you and gave you food so that you kick german’s ass and FREE us. we were happy to see you, we didn’t welcome you by rockets and ambushes. did we? you were freedom makers at this time, just like Soviet Union was.

    It’s not the same now! you are really frightening the whole world with your agressive attitude (and I must say, your unique nuclear arsenal and, what’s the name, oh yeah “weapons of mass destruction” don’t say you don’t have any.)

    Again, I don’t say anything against you. I just hope you understand, and fucking CALM DOWN. do you want to put the whole world in prison for being communist, socialist, muslim ?

    turn off your TV, try to understand by yourself. you’re under very sophisticated propaganda.

  • Brown 100% AMERICAN dissenting voice

    Rock on, my French comrade. Our country was founded on many French principles of secular government, something our “friend” most likely ignored in elementary school history class as he pulled the wings off flies.

    I think Tom Colby should tie a rag around his neck, attach it to something, and jump.

    He should spare us his hatred. We have enough in the world. I guess he has to find some way of being on a mission of evil perpetuated by an ignorant puppet. Since he is most likely an unChristian Christian, perhaps he can burn in the hell he thinks anyone unlike him is going to.

  • Gerald Landrum

    For Americans who haven’t read them, I’d like to recomment a few books, which could, though I doubt it, do what 911 couldn’t, which is to say, wake people UP.

    The books are: Exception to the rulers, by Amy Goodman; Blowback, by Chalmers Johnson; and if you can bear it, A People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn.

    And another might add something of value: John Adams (for a return to our original purported intentions).

    I recently heard this phrase in the film, “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”: “He’s a big, stupid, muscle-headed MORON!” NOW WHO are you thinking of…?

  • John Bax

    I know I’m real late with this, but in my opinion, that Daily Mirror cover HOW CAN 59,054,087 PEOPLE BE SO DUMB? redefines the term SPOT ON!!! To the people of the UK: Please, PLEASE don’t judge us based on this wicked awful idiot… Most Americans strongly disagree and are extremely embarrassed by this moron’s attitude and actions… Unfortunately, it’ll be until January 20, 2009 at least before we can get rid of this clown and do something constructive from all this… All I can say is the rest of us is sorry for this.

  • John Bax


    I meant to say

    All the rest of us ARE sorry for this!!!

    I guess stupidity is cntagious, eh???

  • Robert

    Thanks for writing that Ian.. It needed to be said and I hope so many more americans read it. I am an amercian and I do not in the least like this country. We are made to think and act a certain way. If we try to change it by speaking our minds we are ridaculed by the government or censored. I for one am sick of this and most americans didn’t do the right thing when they voted. They are sheep all being controlled by religion. I do believe in god but, I do not believe in using god as a reason to start wars or to get people on your side by stating you are of the same religion as them. Our america needs to change. I feel bad for the people who have died anywhere and I thought maybe this country will wake up but they didn’t they looked to a leader that went after the wrong person in the name of God or his god ie., money, power, and oil.

    I hope the america people wake up and see that there isn’t sides where if one is bad then the other is good. There is bad on both sides but people can’t believe that. They don’t think the government would do that to them because we are better. There are all kinds of people in this world good and bad, yes some of the bad people are elected into office and yes they want more power and will risk others lives for that power.

    Sorry for the long post I wanted to speak my mind. Thank you.