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God only knows

WARNING: For those of a nervous disposition, or those who come here solely to read about technology, this post is something different. It’s about politics. Feel free to comment, of course, but please no “I come here for technology stuff what the hell is this politics crap?” posts. And with that in mind, we move on.

So it looks like the former cocaine abuser and draft dodger has got another four years, unless there’s a miracle (and I somehow don’t think that’s going to happen). I honestly don’t think that Kerry was the saviour of mankind that his supporters have painted, but frankly a chimp would have been better than Bush (even an Arnold would be better).

One of the things that’s stuck in my mind from last night, when I stayed up with a friend watching the results roll in was a comment from the BBC’s lead commentator that he repeated over and over again: “The country has become split along racial and religious lines”. An awful lot of people ignored issues like the the economy (hosed), Iraq (a mess) and the war on terror (a failure) and simply voted on stem cell research, abortion, and other so-called “moral” issues. This is something that’s backed up by the success of what I like to call “The War on Gays”, otherwise known as the state laws against gay marriage. When even a traditionally liberal state like Oregon is veering towards a ban on same-sex marriage, you know the ground has shifted.

There’s an irony here: As America goes to war against radical Islam, it has become more and more locked into step with radical Christianity. I’ve never made any bones about my own atheism, but I’ve always respected the rights of others to seek their own path and to worship what they will. In many ways, I admire those who chose a spiritual path, and there are many many genuinely humble and inspirational people in all faiths. But what I simply cannot accept is those who decide that the way towards “god” (or whatever) is best served by enforcing your religion and it’s particular “morality” upon everyone else. It is both a profoundly authoritarian urge, and one which effectively admits defeat in the battle to win over people with the truth of your faith.

And so now we have four years of a more and more “Christian” America attempting to impose its will upon a more and more radicalised Islam. Stuck in the middle of all this are those who, like myself, take the view that truth is based in science and reason, and that science and reason are not slaves to a religious doctrine. Can someone please build a colony on the Moon, so we can get the hell out and leave the lunatics to shit all over the asylum?

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  • Kenny

    Spot on. An Associated Press exit poll asked voters what was the most important issue in determining how they voted. 22% cited ‘moral issues’ That was more than the economy, Iraq, and terrorism. Is it a coincidence that state ballots on gay marriage were held at the same time as the election? Or was it a ploy to get the Christian Right to the polling booth to vote for Bush, when they might otherwise not have bothered? It’s a sad irony that a country which supposedly values liberty is so determined to deny equal rights to so many of its citizens

  • nick

    And already we get the euphemism: for ‘values voters’ read ‘fearful, god-bothered bigots’. Osama must be pissing himself laughing right now.