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Forget the iPod, here comes the iVibe

Perhaps the ultimate sex toy: the iVibe.

And yes, it’s work safe :)

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  • http://affiliate5.typepad.com/ Joe

    It’s amazing how so many people did not want Bush to win. 9 out of 10 people I talk to all voted for Kerry. I am still shocked that he won. I’m blown away. Let’s keep spending millions of dollars in building up Iraq and yet we have lots of poor people here in the USA. I’m so pissed.

  • http://lproven.livejournal.com Liam Proven

    Teledildonics! Yay!

  • Monica Huges

    I’m just glad I’m not American, I would shoot myself or Bush.

  • http://tazeeyore.typepad.com Evelyn

    The IVibe? Haha, I’ll take one of those please.

  • http://information.typepad.com/ mark

    yeah-i’ll take an Ivibe, too. I’ll send it to the kerry’s headquarters…oh wait he doesnt have one anymore.