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New Macs and stuff

Apple has updated both its iBook and Xserve ranges, as well as introducing a new single processor Power Mac G5. All good stuff, although it’s missed a trick with the low end 12 inch iBook: given that this is likely to be the main machine for a lot of students, a 30GB drive is not enough.

Storage requirements have done a flip of late: low end users are much more likely to have vast amounts of MP3 files than business users, taking up lots and lots of drive room. I wouldn’t recommend anything less than 80GB for a home user these days. Upgrade that iBook to 512MB of RAM and an 80GB drive and it goes from £749 – a nice deal – to £929, which makes it look less of a bargain.

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  • nick

    The education discount knocks about 10% off the sticker price, though… but you’re right: I got the 60Gb drive with my iBook, and I’ve only got 10Gb spare, after being pretty frugal assigning space to music and movie files.

    The Apple professional model seems to assume that people use external drives to dump big files. Not gonna happen for the consumer market.