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Tablet PC reviews

Scoble points at my review for PC Pro magazine of eight Tablet PCs, which was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve written of late. One of the things I noticed was the diversity of the models, from 8.1in slates through to the giant Acer c300 convertible. At the end of the day, the winner was Toshiba’s m200, with the Acer TCI111 a very close second, but all of the machines on test had their plus points, and with a slightly different set of criteria any of them could have been a winner. The Motion M1400, for example, is a great slate with the best screen I’ve seen on any Tablet. The RM Teacher Tablet has battery life to die for. And the HP Compaq TC1100 has a unique and highly usable design that would perfectly suit someone who used it as a slate most of the time, with occasionally keyboard use.

I still wish that Apple would make a Tablet, but meanwhile, the Acer TCI111 – the machine that I actually bought for myself – is my primary laptop, and a good compliment to the Power Mac I use for desktop work.

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