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Apple UK results: Laptops good, desktops not so good

The Register: UK PC biz sees best growth for four years

“Apple saw 16 per cent shipment growth year on year in consumer desktops and 14.2 per cent growth year on year in its shipments of commercial desktops, yielding an overall desktop shipment growth in the UK of 15 per cent year on year. Its combined notebook sales were up 41.3 per cent year on year, beating the industry average of 24.3 per cent. In the consumer notebook segments, it saw shipments rise 96.4 per cent year-on-year. The company took 2.5 per cent of the UK market in Q2.”

Unsurprisingly results, given that Apple’s desktop line (despite the Power Mac G5) is not that competitive with cheap, powerful Windows machines, while its laptops are much more in line with Wintel – and, overall, are much better machines.

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