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The Torremolinos view of the European enterprise

David Aaronovitch on Robert Kilroy-Silk’s entrance to the European Parliament:

You see, he said, how they are trying to take us over? The first candidate admitted to a “project”, the second one had talked about a “dream”. Project and dreams! But look, he went on, in his strange snap, click, crack, drraaawwll way of speaking, “we do not come here to destroooooy or destruuuuuuct. We respect the legitimacy of the parliament.” All we want to do, he explained, is to wreck things. “I’m very fond of the Italians and the Spanish. I like the people, I like the countries. Some of the clothes I am wearing were made there!” (Ah, Robert, I thought, the Dolce & Gabbana zebra thong.) There we had it. The Torremolinos view of the European enterprise.

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