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Naming and shaming Apple UK

Tom  blogs about Matt Webb’s experience with Apple UK’s customer support. In my experience, Matt’s not alone – when I was editor of MacUser I spent far too much time trying to help people traverse the labyrinth that is Apple’s customer support – and the worst experience of the lot was always with the Apple Online Store, who’s customer service is appalling.

Having said that, this is not an Apple problem alone. Virtually every company in the technology industry plays fast and loose with the rights that UK law grants to consumers. One tip: always, always buy anything worth over £100 with a credit card, nota debit card. Credit card companies are jointly and seperately liable if the product goes wrong, and, therefore, if a company starts getting sticky and refusing to replace your computer, you can start hassling them as well.

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  • Deni Malone

    Dear Reader,

    I have, for both business and pleasure, purchased 5No G4 powerbook having various specs/upgrades since xmas.

    One in particuler bought for my son who is just off to Uni. A couple of days ago his power book would not boot up and so my wife rang Apple.

    To our astonishment, and for the first time, we find out that Apple won’t even provide technical advice/suppot let alone look at it even though it is only some five months. Not without us firstlyold coughing up £35. Apple customer services further said that we received a 90 day support period and after the expiry of this period then all help is subject to a charge of £35 and £35 for every subsequent support that is provided.

    At the time of purchase not one sales person mentioned this; not John Lewis, Applestore, or Dabbs. What I was told is that I had 90 set up support. I feel mislead and duped by Apple. The Years’ Warranty doesn’t cover free collect and return…….Should this be so then there would be no talk about paying monies upfront before agreeing to look at the product, or for that matter agreeing to give support over the phone. If we had known of this before making the 5No purchases I’m pretty certain no purchase would have been made.

    We certainly won’t be buying any more Applemacs and will not be recommended any of Apple’s products as indeed we have been. Especially as I feel I paid a premium over The Dell Units we’ve bought beforehand. A premium con and the bootom line from Apple being I should have read the terms and conditions????? Yes I should have as so rudely put…… No more Apples for me, my family or our business’!

    Deni Malone

  • andy Habbershaw

    Does anyone have the names / e mail addresses of apple directors whom i wish to bombard with complaint e mails

    following absolutely third rate service by the apple store?

    Apple talk the talk, but they sure can’t walk the walk.