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BBC News search as RSS

When Matt Jones posted a link to a service which allows you to define a keyword search for the BBC News search engine as an RSS feed, he got the following posting in the comments to his blog:

I’d be grateful if you could remove this entry please. I don’t believe access to the bbc news search engine should be available like this, and it should certainly not be advertised publically. We spoke to paul sissons earlier today and made it be known to him that this should not be advertised publically, thanks. Yours, David Thorpe.

If the objection really is that someone in the BBC “doesn’t believe that access… should be available like this” then my first response is to remind them that the BBC – including the search engine – is paid for by my license fee, and I’ll access the information that I’ve paid for in any way that I please. Secondly, if there’s a technical reason why this is a bad idea – additional infrastructure load, whatever – then for goodness sake be open about the reason. I really don’t give a damn if someone has spoken to someone else and they haven’t given permission – but if it’s going to be a technical pain, then I won’t use the RSS feed.

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