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More on the MT 3 bile-fest

Scanning around the comments on the announcement that Movable Type 3.0 will have restrictions on the free version, one popped out from here:

More power to Six Apart for turning this into a viable business; that is not my gripe. My gripe is that they are abandoning most of the people who got them where they are today.

And I think that one actually sums up a lot of people’s feelings about this: we made them, and now they’re making us pay.
Well, hello! I thought that what made Movable Type a success was the fact that Ben and Mena worked really hard to make it the best blogging tool around. Using MT (and I did) no more made me responsible for the success of Six Apart than breathing air does. When using MT, I was a leech: I was taking the hard work of Ben and Mena Trott and giving them nothing in return, except maybe a bit of cuddly goodwill. I wasn’t “putting them where they are today”.
Adam notices something that I hadn’t thought of: “a significant proportion of the people defending 6A’s move are people who write for a living, one way or another,” and reflects that this might be down to the hobbyist mentality of many bloggers. There does seem to be a visceral reaction when people make that jump from doing something as a hobby (which is what MT has always basically been) to it being a business. What I write here is as much a showcase for me as a writer as it’s fun – which is why every now and then I disappear from here for a few days, while I’m working on a big piece which demands a big chunk of time. And, if I have a great idea, the first thing that happens is I pitch it to some editors – I might develop it a little in public here, first, though, but if it’s sellable it gets sold.
So perhaps that’s why I feel strongly about this: it reflects how I feel about my own work. You read it here first (but only because I couldn’t get someone to pay me for it).

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