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Social software’s lack of granularity

Scoble (who’s back after his little rest) points out something smart about social software like Orkut:

One other thing I hate about Orkut? I haven’t told it anyone isn’t my friend. Why not? Cause that’s rude. I agree with Doc Searls. I wish there’d be a way to tell Orkut “I know this person.” Then later I could tell it whether or not that person is a friend, or an acquaintance, or a business partner, etc.

[The Scobleizer — Celebrating the Geek lifestyle]

Ironically, Six Degrees (the grandaddy of all these systems) used to allow you to do exactly this: a person could be a friend, a relative, a business partner, or an aquaintence. I wonder why no one else has done this: is it some kooky California thing, where everyone is your friend? :)

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  • http://palnatoke.org Ole

    The closest we get is the ability to rate our ‘friends’, but that doesn’t really change the point.