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The secret is out!

Yes, the hidden agenda behind being gay has been exposed by those daring folk at Whistleblower magazine. It’s all really about corrupting the nation’s youth, destroying the nuclear family (“that is the foundation of Western civilisation”) and molesting children!
Or read one of the other, fantastic issues of Whistleblower. About, for example, how the founding fathers of the US didn’t actually mean what they said in the constitution about seperation of church and state (and that Mr Jefferson certainly didn’t mean it when he said “Christianity…(has become) the most perverted system that ever shone on man.” or referred to the Bible as a “dunghill”). Or perhaps the issue on how piercing is corrupting our nation’s youth. Or how the UN is trying to implement a worldwide gay rights agenda (do you see a theme emerging?)
If it weren’t so serious, you’d have to laugh. But with someone in the White House who will tie aid to abortion, perhaps the time for laughing isn’t now.

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