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What makes that happen?

Watching the news today, there’s been a lot about the case of a 14 year old boy stabbed to death in school, after what’s being described as “an altercation” in a corridor. What’s been interesting, watching the media, was the reaction: all the questions were about how we can stop knives getting into schools, how we can make schools safer. No one has yet asked the far more pertinent question of what makes a child think that stabbing someone in the heart is a good thing to do?
A similar process went on with another story, about gun crime. All the questions, and all the police responses, are about how we stop guns getting into the hands of criminals. No one asks the question of why more people find it acceptable to carry a gun and, presumably, use it.
The reason is, of course, that we don’t want to confront awkward questions about morals (which is what both these issues are about). Instead, we want a techno-fix: metal detectors at schools gates, instead of educating children about what’s right and wrong; bans on selling gun parts over the Internet, instead of making sure that less people think it’s acceptable to carry a gun.

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