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Report crime online

File under “rather smart”: you can report minor crimes to the police with the Non-Emergency Minor Crime Notification Web page.

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  • http://technovia.typepad.com anonymous

    At times it is dangerous to report a crime especially if the criminal is dangerous and the victim feels is might be better to let go than contact the police.

    Having said that if you are courageous enought you might want to check the following person (on rape and illegal dealings) 07787904166 Mari.

  • http://pettycrime.blogspot.com/ hannah layland

    Being a student myself i think that young people especially students living away from home would worry about reporting certain crimes to the police.If they had been attacked in particular they might be scared that if they reported the crime,their attackers might return.When you dont know an area so well, and have less support(students often live away from their families)reporting a crime can be a scary task