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PlanPlus 2.0

Tabula PC notes the release of PlanPlus 2.0, FranklinCovey’s time management plug in for Outlook. I’ve been beta testing the product for a month or so, and it’s great – it’s the product that keeps me using a PC for anything other than games. While I’m working on my Mac, I use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client to open a window to my PC, and just run PlanPlus in it.
For anyone who’s familiar with the FranklinCovey time management system, this will be an essential buy.

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  • Joel McGee


    I solely use Mac OS X at home and have a Sony Clie. I was at a Franklin Covey store in Tampa, Fl, last week and one of the sales clerks told me that PlanPlus is being ported to Mac OS X and will be released soon.

    Have you heard anything about this?


  • James Connolly

    I’ve been asking them about PlanPlus for Mac OS X and haven’t heard any response yet. On Mac OS X the Appointment Scheduler DOES work with the Entourage v.X 2001 conduit, but the Tasks do not synchronize with Entourage or the Palm Desktop.

  • http://technovia.typepad.com Ian Betteridge

    Alas, I asked about this and the answer was “No” – they’re not doing it, although they’re always open to the idea should the Mac’s market share expand.

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