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Why Tablets aren’t cool

There’s an interesting two-piece over at Tabula PC about why Apple products are regarded as cool, while PC products – and in particular, the Tablet PC – aren’t. The main thrust of it is that while tablets and PCs focus on technology, Apple has successfully turned its products into appliances – products that are easy to use and look good – while PCs remain simply ugly. The key is that the first wave of Tablet PCs focussed on the traditional PC user, corporates, and looked like they were designed for boring men in beige suits.
The most interesting Tablet PC remains Microsoft’s original prototype, for the reason that Microsoft wasn’t bound by the terrible ideas on marketing that the likes of Compaq and Toshiba are. It’s no surprise that after all this time, the only company that can make PCs that look like appliances rather than water coolers is Sony – and its absence from the Tablet market is probably one of the reasons why that market is currently so dull.

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