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The computer gods are out to get me

There’s something ironic going on. A few days after I abandon my attempt to use a Windows machine full-time, the hard drive on my Mac takes something of a turn for the worse. Very much worse, in fact. So much worse that it won’t boot, or do anything other than make a little pathetic beep sound.
The worst thing is that I know how to fix it. Panther, Apple’s next major revision of Mac OS X, includes an improved disk first aid application that can recover my disk from this particular problem – I know this because I’ve done it before. But can I find my bootable Panther disk? Not a chance.
Oh yes, that’s right – this drive has done this before. In fact, more than once. But did I accept the inevitable and buy a new hard drive? No? Of course not. And now, I’m really going to have to.
So this afternoon, I’ll have to reverse the process of a couple of days ago, and move everything back on to the PC – most especially the huge, fat, gorgeous Sony GDM-F520 monitor, which counts as the best thing ever. The worst thing is that I’ve got Mac work to write, for tomorrow, which means that I’ll have to take Panther off the iBook (which has served as a test-bed machine) and reinstall 10.2.5. Which, of course, means that I’ve actually got to find my 10.2.5 disks… which are probably wherever the Panther ones are. If I start weeping at any point, please hit me.

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  • claire

    I have just thought of an idea. Use my powerbook to do Target disk mode and then run disk first aid from it.

    you can log in as phil, password phil (i think).

    Stayed at Paul’s last night so I have access to his pooter. and my battery is nearly dead on my phone but I should be able to charge it tonight.