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New iMacs

As you might guess, I’m primarily a Mac user. I love Mac OS X, which makes Windows XP (not a bad operating system) look like something put together by someone using only Sinclair Basic. My PC gets used for two things – work, when I need to do cross platform stuff, and games, where the Mac has always sucked.
Yet at the moment, i simply couldn’t recommend a desktop consumer Mac to anyone, because Apple has again got into the habit of pricing its consumer products at levels that border on insane. Take a look at the new high-end iMac, introduced today. It’s a lovely machine, with a 1.25GHz G4, 512Mb of RAM, DVD writer, and Bluetooth and Airport built-in. It’s also, including VAT, £1712. Now take a trip to Dell’s web site, and spec out a similar machine. In five minutes, I built a Dimension 2400 with 2.2GHz Pentium 4, 17in LCD, DVD writer, and just about everything else (no Bluetooth, which could be added for about £30) for almost exactly £600 less. Yes, the iMac is nicer – but £600 nicer?

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  • nick sweeney

    How many Mac notebooks get bought on transatlantic trips and brought back to the UK? A fuck of a lot, I imagine.

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