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More, yet more on Motorola

Neil MacIntosh, the poor fellow, owned an early Star-Tac and suffered. Yes, the dirty little secret of the ST was that it sucked. Or at least, the interface sucked and it would cut out a fair amount. But it looked damn good and everyone wanted one. It’s the only American phone ever to actually look like anything other than a brick. What a shame, then, that every other Motorola phone since has looked like a breeze block, and inherited all the “issues” that bedeviled the early ST’s software. Not entirely fair, but you get the idea.

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  • http://shiftedfrequency.net richard

    i had a motorola talkabout phone… it looked quite a bit like a startac, but had EXCELLENT reception and interchangable color faceplates on the outside.. now THAT was a cool phone. looked a bit like this:


  • http://www.chuzpe.us/graffiti bergin

    ahh yes, motorola phones. I own a nokia