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The most stupid comment ever

A head teacher just appeared on BBC News and, when talking about “poor” pupils claimed “even when they’re here, they’re mentally truanting.” Mental truancy? What the hell is he on about? What he means, of course, is not paying attention to the teacher – and in my book, what that means is the teacher isn’t actually good enough to get them to pay attention.

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  • Anonymous

    At last! I lost my last job because I dared to tell colleagues that the reason students weren’t turning up was not because they were lazy or uncommitted, but because the teaching was dire. Which it was.
    How students who have to look after sick parents, kid brothers, hold down “part-time” (or virtually full-time) jobs just to stay in education can be called lazy or uncommitted is beyond me.
    The same is true throughout the system – poor teaching is the single biggest cause of poor results, but despite the fact that a tiny minority of teachers are responsible, a strange group mentality occurs when it is pointed out and they get protected… And the good teachers, with the great student feedback and the top results who dare point this out, end up losing out… Go figure.