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Super-useful for your handheld

Not only has someone converted Wikipedia to a format for offline browsing on a handheld – the ultimate encyclopedia, really – but they’re included instructions on how to convert it yourself – so you can have the most up to date version at all times. There’s no reason why you can’t script this, either.

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  • http://members.chello.nl/epzachte/Wikipedia Erik Zachte

    New release of Wikipedia for handhelds available.

    English version now 185 Mb with 180,000 articles.

  • Marshall Wold

    How can I get Wikipedia English version for my Palm OS handheld on CD for Tome raider 3 version? I tried writing Erik Zachte who has advertised Tome raider 3 version for CD of Wikipedia for Palm OS but cannot get a response.

    Marshall Wold